Why read specs when you can watch videos!

Thanks for visiting the FESFlix website. We pride ourselves in being the very first in the industry to bring you a website dedicated to providing you with a resource of marketing videos dedicated solely to commercial foodservice equipment and the industry. We search countless hours on the web, pulling videos from top foodservice equipment manufacturers, so we can provide a single site for end user operators, chefs, dealers and consultants to gather as much information as possible on equipment throughout the industry.

The staff at FESFlix has lived and breathed the industry for years and know how difficult and it can be to search for valuable information on equipment. As a Restaurateur who is in the process of creating a new kitchen, a dealer who is putting a turnkey package together for a customer, a consultant looking for most the recent and updated innovative cooking technology in the market, it’s a tedious tasking searching factory website to factory website to try and get an idea of what’s in the market. Let us do that work for you and let FESFlix be your go-to website where you can search equipment and categories from the top manufactures without having to spend countless hours searching the web.

All of the videos you see in the site are videos created directly from the manufacturers themselves. We want them to tell the story of their equipment and how it can best be used in the foodservice environment. From legacy, historical videos which you can find on some factory home pages to the most modern, advanced cooking technologies today in use which you can see in the cooking equipment section of the website, we try to bring you (our audience) not only resourceful but interesting information on the equipment and manufacturers themselves. Each factory has a story to tell and we like passing that message along.

While we don’t have every manufacturer and piece of equipment on the website, we’re working to upload more videos on a daily basis and will continue to expand them as well as our product category sections.

We encourage manufactures to reach out to us and send us updated videos of features and benefits of their products so we can do our best to represent them and the hard work they have put into building their company and brand.

As always we welcome your feedback as guests on our website and encourage any feedback we can use to make your experience more enjoyable and effective.